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MAAD Services, About Us

As a major supplier of embroidered emblems to the military, public safety, the BSA™, and organizations throughout the U.S., we create millions of emblems every year, and thousands of accompanying artworks and digitized patterns. With over 30 years of vigilant dedication to improving our processes, we’ve learned a thing or two about creating artwork and embroidery your customers will love–


  1. Digitizing patterns for embroidery
  2. Vector artwork for embroidery or silk screening:
    • Layered files for proofs and screen creation
    • Free color separations
    • Lettering sized for sharpness with minimized connecting stitches
    • Outlines sized for steil stitching or omitted if elements should be stitched to show detail to avoid cluttered outlines

We make it easy for you
We can tailor the entry screens to the specific needs of high volume customers to save you valuable time.

Save time. Save hassle. Identify & control cost.
Determining actual art cost can be challenging, especially when factoring in hiring, training, breaks, down time, sick days, and other efficiency drainers. Give us a try to evaluate our service and quality. Then send a few artworks or patterns our way when someone is out sick or during high season. With no setup cost and 100% satisfaction guaranteed, why not give us a try?

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